Getting a Foreign Education for Free*

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MOOCs, or massive open online courses, are not only a valuable platform for aspiring students to get a taste of ivy league education, they are also an alternative for professional development. As I continue to study the benefits of this 21st century pedagogical movement and its impact on global education, it is my hope to help introduce these learning opportunities to my fellow friends in Malaysia.

Thanks, @Junemoh and The Heat, for the feature. Read the story in full PDF here.

*Of course, there’s a distinction to make: saying MOOCs are free is only a puffery; nothing is truly free. To excel in MOOCs, one must devote him/herself to serious learning. This means spending an adequate amount of time in watching the video lectures and completing the assignments, while interacting meaningfully with a network of learners in the online community. The ticket to the ride is free, the rest is up to you.

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