How do we teach instructional design?

Pleased to share a new article in Technical Communication Quarterly where I examined some pedagogical resources and teaching approaches for instructional design in technical & professional communication contexts. Methods included literature review, analysis of course materials, and interviews with instructors. I am thankful to my graduate students in the fall 2021 seminar who co-developed an understanding of instructional design for TPC practitioners. This study was a result of the thinking and questioning that came from that course.

Full-text DOI (available for a limited time):

Abstract: This study investigates how instructional design manifests in TPC pedagogies and where educators draw resources from. As TPC expands into areas in which instructional design traditionally governs, scholars need to discern how TPC distinguishes its specialty while providing training to support instructional design practices. Through textbook and syllabus analysis, coupled with instructor interviews, this study reports findings about instructional design pedagogy within TPC based on the themes gathered from the instructors’ experiences and existing resources.

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