50 Things to Consider before You Date (or Marry) a Designer


Inspired by Yupie Love and A Bourbon for Silvia. Here’s my version of what you should consider before deciding whether or not to date (or marry) a graphic designer:

  1. They are probably not very rich.
  2. There are millions of them out there, and they hate each other.
  3. They cannot dine in a restaurant without critiquing the menu design.
  4. They collect posters, menus, albums, and even brochures from the hospital.
  5. They always look tired, because they work all the time.
  6. They spend all their money buying Apple products.
  7. They steal road signs.
  8. They read vogue and comics.
  9. They won’t go out with you if you pair a pink top with yellow skirt.
  10. They replace regular water with beer.
  11. They worship Mad Men.
  12. If you go to a movie together, you’ll be the last to leave because they want to read the full list of credits.
  13. You’ll probably not want to make them a birthday card, or holiday card, or I-wish-I-know-how-to-please-you card.
  14. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. And Starbucks only.
  15. They snark at mediocre logos they find around town or online.
  16. They would buy weird sh*t just because they like the packaging.
  17. They would wake up in the middle of the night and go straight to their computer because, “an idea just came up.”
  18. They do judge a book by its cover.
  19. You can’t redecorate the house without consulting them first.
  20. They might own more shoes than you.
  21. They speak brand names that mean nothing to you.
  22. They will rant to you how much they disliked Windows 8.
  23. They tell you the CMYK and RGB of a color you should wear when you ask for an opinion on your dress.
  24. They steal paint chips from hardware stores.
  25. They want to be the next 30 under 30, and 40 under 40.
  26. A Lion means something totally different to them.
  27. They like musicals and alternative genres of performance, which you may find creepy.
  28. They have no problem living on ramen noodles while working under a tight deadline.
  29. All of their deadlines were yesterday.
  30. Despite their passion for colors, their favorite work/casual outfit is usually a white t-shirt with jeans.
  31. They will constantly show you their latest project at the dinner table.
  32. They love museums.
  33. They love libraries, but only those with insane architectural design.
  34. They constantly talk about how much they would love to live in New York.
  35. Don’t ask them about those lens-less glasses. You won’t find a satisfying answer.
  36. The furniture they pick are probably not very practical/functional.
  37. They give others deadline, though they can hardly meet one themselves.
  38. They take photos of strangers. They take photos with strangers.
  39. They are Steve Jobs groupies, strong-willed macvocates.
  40. They buy McDonalds Happy Meal because they liked the Minion toys.
  41. They get all mad when you tell them Arial and Helvetica are basically the same typeface.
  42. They doodle on napkins while waiting to be served at a restaurant.
  43. They seems to always ask for a “true” black.
  44. You’ll hear Christmas tunes in June because they are working on a holiday billboard.
  45. They never work well with printing services because “they can never get it right.”
  46. They make artwork out of recyclable things like vinyls and toilet paper rolls.
  47. They ask for your opinion, but never really follow them.
  48. You can never tell if that magazine on the coffee table was an original or a mockup.
  49. They can look at one image/photo for a long, long time, and not say a word.
  50. Above all, they are really nice (sometimes), sensitive people.

What would you add to the list? Are you currently dating a designer? What has been your experience?

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