The thing-power of embodied games

New article alert! So glad to have the opportunity to collaborate with the amazing Jialei Jiang. Pleased to share a new article about gaming procedure and embodiment from a pluralistic lens.

This article is included in a special issue co-edited by Rebekah Shultz Colby and Steve Holmes.


Keying in on Ring Fit Adventure as a game of analysis, we trace the new materialist rhetoric and thing-power of gaming assemblage across physical and cultural borders. Our new materialist analysis at once builds on and extends beyond the existing scholarship on the hybridity of gaming procedure and bodily movement already made available through a previous generation of embodied gameplay. We take such materialist theorization a bit further to forward a co-constitutive examination of the game’s design mechanism in relation to diverse players’ embodied gaming experience. Based on our multimodal analysis of the gaming procedure and diverse YouTube player video reviews of the game, this article reveals that a pluralistic perspective on embodiment—including linguistic, cultural, and corporeal diversity—have the potentiality to disrupt the dominant rhetoric of physical wellness. We conclude this article with implications for the design of a more accessible gaming experience that attends to the thing-power in exercise as well as suggestions for the development of robust digital rhetoric practices and pedagogies.

Link to article (free access until Sept 3, 2022):

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