Giving thanks: New book acknowledgements

Writing this book was, like the process we write about in the book, a collaborative endeavor. We would like to thank publicly some of the many people who contributed to making the book happen. First, we thank the reviewers from Routledge who guided our thinking as we integrated design and communication theories and practices. These include Michelle Eble, Pam Estes Brewer, Peter Huk, Derek Ross, Allison Hutchison, and Erin Frost. For their reviews and recommendations, we thank Rebekah Smith, Akshata Balghare, Meghalee Das, Omonpee (O.W.) Petcoff, Jiaxin Zhang, and Kenyan Burnham. In addition, Meghalee, along with Wilson Knight and Liane Vásquez-Weber, allowed us to use their communication products as models. We’d also like to thank our editors at Routledge, Grant Schatzman and Brian Eschrich.

We are grateful to Ann Hill Duin, of the University of Minnesota, for bringing us together and setting up our collaboration. Thank you to Sonia H. Stephens of the University of Central Florida and Daniel P. Richards of Old Dominion University for the willingness to share excerpts from their published article on story mapping and sea-level rise in Communication Design Quarterly. In addition, Carol Luttrell provided significant advice based on her years of corporate experience internationally and teaching at the University of Delaware. Through personal conversations about visual communication and his connections with design-related professionals, design studios, and visual identity and branding agencies in London, Bill Deering contributed significantly to the book’s underlying concept and framework.

In the wider circles of collaboration, we thank our colleagues and students at Texas Tech University and the University of Delaware, along with many others we have gathered with at conferences around the world, for their ongoing inspiration and insights.

Deborah Andrews, University of Delaware
Jason Tham, Texas Tech University

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