Heineken Campaign Challenges Routine Lifestyle, Invent Possibilities

Hats off to the brains behind the recent Heineken campaign, where travelers are challenged to drop everything – their planned trips, responsibilities – to take on an unknown route to a mysterious location.

The campaign is designed to confront our regular lifestyle – an always-busy, planned, often-stressful, and indifferent lifestyle. The impact of venture comes in multiple fold. First and foremost, it reminds us of how aloof we are toward this short journey called life. It wakes us from the numbness of our supercilious acts, day in and day out.

Second, it brings back the excitement in life by pushing us to make unreasonable decisions. This is a piece of puzzle in life we’re all seeking every day. Being able to break free from our reasonable lifestyle is freeing our sanity from structure, boredom, and indifference. While being reasonable means constraining oneself from inventing possibilities, being unreasonable means doing something out of the blue – something that you’re compelled to do, with a rational mindset – to be responsible and have fun doing it.


“Legends are not born, they are dropped,” spelled the campaign tagline. This is not the first outrageous campaign that Heineken has pulled together but definitely a notch up from their previous stunts. This new campaign is also inline with Heineken’s brand personality, which shines bright through their company tagline: “Open New World.”

Indeed, “Legends” are not apathetic people but those who are willing to create their own life, inventing new possibilities of which the reasonable consciousness seems to avoid.

So what have I learnt from Heineken? Be a wild magnolia. Challenge indifference. Invent life.

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