Networks as Critical Texts

Cover. Visualization of Algarotti's World from the Mapping the Republic of Letters project at Stanford University. (Source) My initial thoughts about networks are that they are complex and inaccessible, but they have the potential to revolutionize reading, writing, thinking and learning practices as we used to know. But from my various visits with individuals who … Continue reading Networks as Critical Texts

Writing Your Grad School Personal Statement: 3 Quick Tips

Tis' the season of love and jingly things... and also when grad school applications are due! If you are applying to a research program and are still finalizing your application, I have three tips here that might be of use: 1. Align your research interests with the faculty members' in the program It is often … Continue reading Writing Your Grad School Personal Statement: 3 Quick Tips

Engaging Stories: The HUMN Project / MnWE Talk

Tham, Jason. “Engaging Stories: Creating an Ethnographic Literacy Narrative Project in a First-Year Writing Course.” Minnesota Writing and English (MnWE) Conference. Inver Hills Community College, MN. March 27, 2015. The HUMN Project is a semester-long ethnographic narrative project designed to provide an opportunity for students to think about their literacy practices and those of others, and to … Continue reading Engaging Stories: The HUMN Project / MnWE Talk

A Dummy Guide to Creating and Giving a PechaKucha Presentation

You may have heard of the term "Pecha-Kucha" and you are interested to learn more about the concept, how others have done it, or you might simply be required to do it in one of your classes or work meetings and you just want to get some tips. You're in for a treat. In this blog entry, I intend to share with you my experience with Pecha-Kucha presentations and some tips for planning and making one. I am also going to share with you an example of my own presentation.

(Re)Introducing MOOCs: The Worst Idea at the Best Time

I co-presented this paper with my colleague, Jack Hannes, at the 11th International Symposium for Communication in the Millennium held May 22-24 at St. Cloud State University. The following is my portion of the roundtable presentation. (I apologize for the fragmented notes... Jack and I went back and forth during the presentation.)Definitions & BackgroundMOOCs, or massive … Continue reading (Re)Introducing MOOCs: The Worst Idea at the Best Time