Completed Coursework

Ph.D. in Rhetoric & Scientific & Technical Communication Coursework
Minor: Human Factors and Ergonomics

Research Methods

  • WRIT 8011: Research Methods in Writing Studies and Technical Communication (Christina Haas)
  • WRIT 8012: Applied Research Methods in Writing Studies and Technical Communication (Ann Hill Duin)


  • WRIT 5775: Rhetorical Tradition: Classical Era (Richard Graff)
  • WRIT 5776: Rhetorical Tradition: Modern Era (Ronald Greene)
  • WRIT 5671: Visual Rhetoric (John Logie)
  • WRIT 8510: Seminar in Rhetoric: Emerging Genres on the Internet (Carol Berkenkotter)

Technical Communication & Writing Studies

  • WRIT 5531: Introduction to Writing Theory and Pedagogy (Patrick Bruch)
  • WRIT 8540: Seminar in Composition & Technical Communication Pedagogies: Current Debates and Discussions (Patrick Bruch)
  • WRIT 8540 (diff. topic; audit): Seminar in Composition and Technical Communication Pedagogies: Multimodality and Composition (Thomas Reynolds)
  • WRIT 8250: Seminar in Scientific & Technical Communication: Usability & User Experience Design (Lee-Ann Kastman Breuch)
  • WRIT 8250 (diff. topic; audit): Seminar in Scientific & Technical Communication: The Rhetoric, Science, and Technology of Collaboration (Ann Hill Duin)

Human Factors & Ergonomics

  • HUMF 5001: Foundations of Human Factors and Ergonomics (Thomas Smith & Nancy Larson)
  • CI 5321: Foundations of Distance Learning (Aaron Doering)
  • PSY 5014: Psychology of Human Learning and Memory (Wilma Koutstaal)
  • GDES 8361: Color, Design, and Human Perception (Barbara Martinson)

M.A. in English Coursework (May 2014)

Concentration: Rhetoric & Writing
Track: Professional Communication

  1. ENGL 605: Introduction to Graduate Studies in Rhetoric and Writing (Catherine Fox)
  2. ENGL 503: Digital Rhetoric, Discourse, and Cultures (Matthew Barton)
  3. ENGL 656: College Composition Theories and Practice (Matthew Barton)
  4. ENGL 655: Practicum-Supervised Teaching (Rex Veeder, Jamie Heiman)
  5. ENGL 631: History of Rhetorical Theory (Jamie Heiman)
  6. ENGL 603: Critical Interpretive & Qualitative Research Designs in Rhetoric (Tim Fountaine)
  7. ENGL 652: Digital Rhetoric and Pedagogy (Judith Kilborn)
  8. ENGL 633: Special Studies in Professional Communication: Writing in Health & Medical Humanities (Rex Veeder)
  9. ENGL 697: Professional Communication Internship (Jamie Heiman, Lisa Foss, Judith Kilborn)
  10. ENGL 699: MA Thesis (Matthew Barton, Judith Kilborn, Bruce Hyde)

M.S. in Mass Communications Coursework (May 2014)

Concentration: Advertising & Public Relations

  1. COMM 601: Mass Communication Theories (Zengjun Peng)
  2. COMM 621: Advanced Advertising Theories and Practices (Roger Rudolph)
  3. COMM 632: Advanced Research Methods in Mass Communications (Roya Akhavan)
  4. COMM 605: Ethics and Critical Analysis of Mass Media (Lisa Heinrich)
  5. COMM 634: Advanced Public Relations Theories and Practices (Marie Dick)
  6. COMM 600: Internship in Marketing Communications (Roya Akhavan; Read report here)
  7. COMM 635: Media Convergence (Zengjun Peng)
  8. MKTG 520: Electronic Marketing (Bruce Klemz)
  9. CMST 541: Organizational Communication (Matthew Vorell)
  10. CEEP 678: Graduate Statistics (David Robinson)
  11. COMM 699: MS Thesis (Roger Rudolph. Zengjun Peng, Bruce Klemz)

B.S. in Mass Communications (Dec. 2011)

Concentration: Advertising
Minor 1: Psychology
Minor 2: Communication Studies

  1. History of Mass Media
  2. Critical Analysis of Mass Media
  3. Mass Media and Society
  4. Grammar for Media Writers
  5. Modern Cardinal Principles of Journalism
  6. Video/Multimedia Editing  for Journalism
  7. Introductory Web Design and InforMedia
  8. Advertising Theories and Principles
  9. Advertising and Public Relations Research Methods
  10. Advertising Creatives
  11. Layout Design for Advertising
  12. Media Law and Ethics
  13. Advertising Campaigns
  14. Communication Theories
  15. Small Group Communication
  16. Organization Communication
  17. Advanced Academic Writing
  18. Rhetorical and Analytical Writing
  19. Cognitive Psychology
  20. Developmental Psychology
  21. Child Psychology
  22. Acting for Everyone
  23. Philosophy and Critical Reasoning
  24. Effective Listening
  25. Interpersonal Communication
  26. International and Intercultural Communication
  27. Photography
  28. Introduction to Psychology
  29. Psychological Disorders/Abnormal Psychology
  30. Theories of Personality
  31. Essential Skills for the Helping (Counseling) Profession
  32. Theories and Principles in the Helping (Counseling) Profession
  33. English/Composition I
  34. English/Composition II
  35. General Biology
  36. College Algebra
  37. Public Speaking
  38. American History I
  39. Malaysian Studies
  40. Computer Concepts and Applications
  41. Applied Statistics
  42. Cultural Botany
  43. Lifelong Health and Fitness
  44. Environmental Chemistry
  45. Race and Human Relations in America
  46. American Government
  47. Introduction to Mass Communication
  48. Internship in Mass Communication I (Creative Thumbprint)
  49. Internship in Mass Communication II (Ogilvy & Mather)
  50. Communication Studies Undergraduate Assistant in CMST 192

*24-41 were completed at SEGi University, Malaysia (external campus of Upper Iowa University)